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Kaisersaal Historisches Kaufhaus



Rows of seating 290 people
Parliament-style seating 115 people
Banquet seating 170 people
Reception 350 people
Area 270 m²


  • In-house grand piano
  • Painted coats of arms on the stucco ceiling from 1629/1631
  • Festive banquet in the hall for Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1876
  • Glass painting of the windows by Fritz Geiges from 1924
The foyer of the Kaisersaal // Copyright FWTM Fernandez
The foyer of the Kaisersaal // Copyright FWTM Fernandez

Special Features

The Kaisersaal is accessed via its own elegant foyer. This anteroom can be used for supporting activities such as catering or participant registration. With its special room acoustics, the Kaisersaal is also ideally suited for classical concerts.

Virtual tour of the Historisches Kaufhaus
Virtual Tour / Copyright FWTM Wilhelm

Virtual tour

Visit without being on site? Get a first impression of the Kaisersaal, the other rooms, the inner courtyard and the surroundings in our 360-degree tour. Stroll through the rooms of the historic department stores' and feel the special flair.

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